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Pint Club

In the pursuit of hoppiness, Dillon’s Pint Club gathers at Dillon’s Grill to lift a glass and enjoy the unique and interesting flavors produced by Northwest Craft Brewers.

Whether you are a Pint Club member or not, if you enjoy beer, you will enjoy the beer on tap at Dillon’s Grill. The Pint Club was established at Dillon’s in 2008 by founding members Ken and Glenna Nelson.

In recognition of the anniversary of the REPEAL of PROHIBITION, December 5th begins the Pint Club renewal period. Pint Glasses not renewed by December 31st are available for purchase.  On January 1st, all unclaimed pint glasses are sold on a first-come basis. There are currently 99 members in the Dillon’s Pint Club.

The numbered pint glasses are imperial pints, so members enjoy 4 extra ounces of their favorite brew. Throughout the year, we set dates for Pint Club events where members gather to enjoy all things beer.

Pint Club members can purchase beer tokens and place them in other members’ glasses. There are new pint glasses each year, and members get to take their old pint glass home as a keepsake.

Many of the Pint Club members are also home brewers, so it’s a great place to gather to learn more about the craft.

Check out our CALENDAR of EVENTS to see the next Pint Club event. Cheers!

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